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Registration Details

We thank you for your interest in this year’s Berlin Model United Nations Conference held from November 14th to November 17th at the John F. Kennedy School Berlin. Please note BERMUN accepts only applications from schools not individual students. All participants must be accompanied by an adult chaperone/teacher.

The topic for the 2018 conference is Strengthening Global Cooperation: Navigating Power Politics in a Shifting World Order.


Registration: Form I and II

Form I is now closed. We are no longer accepting school applications.

Form II is now open and will close on October 1, 2018.


Registration Schedule

April 28 Student Officer applications due
April 30 Form I due
May 7 Notifications sent out to schools and Student Officers
May 7 YA, Press and ICJ applications open online
May 25 YA, Press and ICJ applications due

YA Application deadline extended: June 8th!

June 1 Notifications sent out to YA, Press, and ICJ applicants

YA Applicants will be notified by June 16th.

June 1 Form II opens online
October 1 Form II due
October 15 Payments due



Fees 2018

Students: EUR 70.00 (three lunches included)
Directors and Chaperones: EUR 70.00 (three lunches included)
Housing fee: EUR 20.00 (for participants in the Community Housing Program)


The fees are specifically earmarked for running the BERMUN program. Please compute the total on the basis of the number of students and MUN advisors attending the conference.

Bank transfers are payable to:

JFKS Verein
Berliner Sparkasse

Niederlassung der Landesbank Berlin AG
Alexanderplatz 2
10178 Berlin
BLZ 10050000
Account No. 1010007820
IBAN: DE69100500001010007820

Clearly indicate the following information on the bank transfer:


If the transfer is not labeled accordingly, your fees will not be allocated into the BERMUN sub-account!

The Deadline is October 15.


Country List

All countries in the General Assembly (GA) will be represented by one delegate in the Environment Committee (EC), Human Rights Committee (HRC), Political Committee (PC), Disarmament Committee (DC) and the Special Conference (SPC), as well as ECOSOC.

The Security Council (SC) and the Historical Security Council (HSC) will have two delegates per delegation.

Please keep in mind that Security Council and Historical Security Council delegates must be fluent in English, very well informed about the topics and the current situation in world politics, and ready to present their country’s opinion at all times.

The country and committee assignment can be found here. Please check your assignment carefully as the number of delegates may differ from the number you requested in Form I.