Simon Johannssen

Dear participants of the Youth Assembly, Welcome to the 2018th annual BERMUN conference! In today’s world, in modern society, people’s awareness of political issues, their engagement and commitment play a major role when it comes to political participation and speaking up for those who don’t have a voice. This year, the Youth Assembly will address the issue of “Strengthening Engagement in Civil Society through Continuous Cooperation and Grassroot Activism. The YA, though a part of the BERMUN conference, is unique amongst the committees. As participants, you will represent your own views and opinions, create realistically implementable resolutions, debate, cooperate and develop strategies to further youth empowerment locally and nationally, as well as beyond borders on an international level. Throughout the conference you will work together closely with students from all around the globe. Seeing as that this will enable you to tackle the issue from various different, diverse perspectives, you will be able to be far-sighted and approach the issue in a comprehensive way and thus create action plans that have the possibility to inspire and encourage the young generation and actually make a change. Having participated in the Youth Assembly myself, it is my distinct honor to serve as its Co-Director at the 2018th conference. Over the years I have developed a truly deep passion for Model United Nations. Having started out as a delegate, I got to experience MUN as Student Officer and member of the Secretariat, as well. Personally, I am currently in my senior year at the Innerstädtisches Gymnasium Rostock, Germany. Besides that, I consider myself a food-admiring, music-loving, sun-addicted nocturnal active. Being a part of MUN has furthered many of my character traits and skills, especially public speaking, long-sighted, surveying thinking and teamwork. Furthermore, I made many of my very best friendships through MUN. I strive to motivate and support the YA participants, create an inspiring, congenial and fruitful atmosphere and thereby, hopefully, make this year’s BERMUN the best yet.   Participants of the Youth Assembly, I encourage all of you to speak up, voice your opinion and make great things happen. I am looking forward to meeting you in November!   All the best, Simon Johannssen Co-Director of the Youth Assembly