Nadine Pertsch

Dear Youth Assembly Participants, It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018 Youth Assembly! The YA is unique to the BERMUN conference because students do not only represent themselves and their personal views but also craft realistic action plans rather than hypothetical resolutions. These then serve as frameworks for grassroot initiatives which will actually be implemented in local communities all over the world. At this conference, we will focus on strengthening the engagement of the next generation in their local community and its civil society to help shape a more engaged, open-minded youth. Our goal is to become substantial, long-term members of local initiatives and leaders in grassroots activism. Throughout the conference, we will encounter students coming from places all over the world. We will draw from these diverse perspectives and compile effective ways such as internet campaigns or other, contemporary ways to be involved in the task of informing and engaging in your local or national politics as well as the international political world. I hope you will connect with other students and work your hardest to compose a cohesive action plan in order to fully make use of the collaborative, open hearted setting BERMUN provides. Having participated in two previous BERMUN conference as a member of the Youth Assembly, once as a delegate and once as a chair, it will be my honor to serve as your chair in my second conference as a Student Officer and my fourth conference overall. I strive to provide interesting and unique perspectives on the topic and to create a motivating, comfortable, and inspiring atmosphere. I have been attending the John F. Kennedy High School for two years. Before moving to Germany, which is also where I was born 17 years ago, I lived in the United States, Egypt, and Canada due to my father’s occupation with the German Federal Foreign Service Office. Thanks to this lifestyle of constantly traveling, I am fluent in German and English and even speak some French. I look forward to meeting you in November and experiencing your innovative ways to tackle the topic! Nadine PertschDirector of the YA Director of the Youth Assembly