Louay Sattar

Dear ICJ Participants, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of serving as a judge on the International Court of Justice at BERMUN and then as Registrar of the ICJ at BERMUN2. It was truly fascinating analyzing important documents relevant to the case and learning the particulars about ICJ procedure and international law. I find that the ICJ is a great way to experience the environment of a courtroom. As the Court consists of less participants compared to other committees, each individual has many more opportunities to engage in the case throughout the conference. This year at BERMUN, we will be entertaining the case “Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Croatia v. Serbia).” The case examines whether or not genocide was committed in the early 1990s in the former Yugoslavia, and whether state actors were responsible. This case is closely linked to the conference theme, “Strengthening Global Cooperation: Navigating Power Politics in a Shifting World Order”, because it addresses the legal situation during a changing regional order and how the resulting legal issues can be addressed from a present-day perspective. Although I was born in Berlin, Germany, I’ve spent most of my life in Belgium and have American and Lebanese roots. Since returning to Berlin in August of 2016, I have taken part in the weekly MUN debates at John F. Kennedy High School. My other hobbies include Gaelic football and hurling. I look forward to meeting all of you at BERMUN! Louay Sattar Assistant President of the ICJ