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Limited housing is available in the John F. Kennedy School (JFKS) community. Please understand that we cannot hope to place every guest with a JFKS host family. Requests for community housing must be made in advance when completing Form I. State the reason why community housing is essential for your delegates, and indicate the number of students to be housed.

We recommend that you arrange your accommodations as soon as possible. The following information might prove helpful though it is clearly not a complete list of available accommodation in the area.


Jugendgästehaus Lichterfelde
Youth Hostel Three Little Pigs
Jugendgästehaus & Hotel St. Michaels Heim 
Berlin City – Jugendhotel
Jugendgästehaus PUMPE (Mitte)
Sleep Cheap Hostel
Gästehaus der ev.-luth. St. Mariengemeinde
CVJM- Jugendgästehaus Berlin
Jugendgruppenhaus Steglitz-Zehlendorf


German Youth Hostels

Jugendherberge Berlin-International

City Hostel Berlin – nahe Potsdamer Platz

Kluckstr. 3, 10785 Berlin, Tel: +49 30 747687910

Jugendherberge Berlin-Am Wannsee

Badeweg 1, 14129 Berlin, Tel: +49 30 8032034

Jugendherberge Potsdam

Haus der Jugend, Schulstraße 9, 14482 Potsdam, Tel: +49 331 5813-100


Hotel Steglitz International (Best Western)
Meiniger Hotels – various locations in Berlin

Other options, some with higher price range and locations closer to the city center: