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Special Conference (SPC)

Student Officers

Jay Chitnavis
Westminster School
Assistant President of the Special Conference

Dear Delegates,
The topics of this year’s Special Conference are decidedly relevant to this era and address some of the most immediate issues plaguing our world on both Read More...

Zoe Perkul
Berlin Cosmopolitan School
President SPC

Dear delegates of the SpC,
Welcome to the Special Conference at BERMUN 2018! This year we will be discussing topics surrounding the central theme of “Strengthening Global Cooperation: Navigating Power Politics in a Shifting Global Order.” In a world where the global power dynamic Read More...

Zeynep Kienast
Assistant President SPC

Dear SPC Delegates, At this year’s BERMUN I will have the privilege of serving as your Chair of the Special Conference. Previously, I was given the opportunity to act as a Judge in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in BERMUN 2017, a delegate at THIMUN 2018, and as the Vice President of the ICJ at the most recent BERMUN2. For the forthcoming conference I have focused on the issue of Read More...