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Political Commitee (PC)

Student Officers

Christine Cook
Chair PC

Dear Delegates,
Power politics has and will continue to shape foreign policy. Governments pursue their self-interest, but the spirit of compromise, however idealistic it may sometimes sound, is the foundation of diplomatic relations. In order to navigate Read More...

Constantin Ertel
Co-Chair PC

Dear Delegates, Welcome to the Political Committee. We know about the horrendous events that took place 75 years ago in Europe during World War II. The rise of the fascist illiberalism led to dreadful horrors that Read More...

Emma Cassidy
Xaverian High School
Co-Chair PC

Dear Delegates, I am honored to welcome you as co-chair of this year’s conference, where we will be debating topics related to the theme of “Strengthening Global Cooperation: Navigating Power Politics in a Shifting World Order.” Specifically, in the Political Committee, we will be covering topics relating to Read More...