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Historical Security Council (HSC)

Student Officers

Defne Onguc
AS Warsaw
Assistant President HSC

Dear Delegates, It is an absolute honor to welcome you all to this year’s BERMUN conference! I am a Turkish, 16-year-old senior with a passion for politics, currently attending the American School of Warsaw. I was born in Read More...

Edward Brand
President HSC

Dear HSC Delegates, Welcome to the 2018 BERMUN conference! This conference the Historical Security Council will be simulating the Security Council debates over the Suez Canal Crisis in 1956. The imperial powers of Europe were engaged in a constant struggle to gain the advantage over Read More...

James Gromis
Assistant President HSC

Dear Delegates, Welcome to the 2018 BERMUN Historical Security Council. This November we will be reexamining an important event of the Cold War era: the Suez Crisis as of October 31, 1956. The control of the Suez Canal means solidifying a country’s, and in this case, political ideologies’ grip on Read More...