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Human Rights Committee (HRC)

Student Officers

Ariane Schmidt
Co-Chair HRC

Dear Delegates,
As a soon-to-be senior at the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, I am delighted to serve in this final high school year as one of your chairs of the Human Rights Committee alongside Pin Hua Su and David Kirschner. Through the Berlin Model United Nations program, I have Read More...

David Kirschner
Chair HRC

Dear delegates of the Human Rights Council, Seventy years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we find ourselves in a world order in which major international powers violate the fundamental principles and fundamentals protecting the rights of Read More...

Sarah Su
Taipei American School
Co-Chair HRC

Dear Honorable Delegates and Esteemed Guests of the Human Rights Council, Welcome to the 27th annual session of BERMUN! This year, I have the honor of serving as one of the deputy chairs for the Human Rights Council, addressing both the topics of protecting human rights for civilians in conflict areas as well as realizing equality for ethnic minorities by Read More...