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Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Student Officers

Heather Murphy
The British International School of Jeddah
Assistant President of the Economic and Social Council

Dear Delegates,
It is with utmost pleasure that I welcome you to this year’s conference. At The World Economic Forum in 2017, it was made apparent that the balance of economic power Read More...

Malka Beere
Assistant President ECOSOC

Dear Delegates, Welcome to the ECOSOC! The goal of the Economic and Social Council is to create a sustainable world by addressing complex issues with innovative solutions. This year, the ECOSOC will be discussing three important issues, all with the goal of fostering international diplomacy. You will be focusing on Read More...

Tristan Strzelczyk
President ECOSOC

Dear Delegates of the Economic and Social Council, It is my distinct honor to welcome you to this year’s BERMUN conference. When The Economist’s column on current events opened on the headline “Protectionism is Back” in March of this year, the pages that followed stood testament to Read More...