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Disarmament Committee (DC)

Student Officers

Lucie Capkova
Co-Chair DC

Dear Delegates, It is my honour to address you as the co-chair of the Disarmament Committee. It will be my very first time participating at BERMUN, so I am both excited and humbled to be able to share this experience with you. I am from the Czech Republic, where I attend the 11th grade of an international gymnasium and BERMUN will mark my fourth time Read More...

Robert Cornwall
Chair DC

Dear Delegates of the Disarmament Committee, It is my absolute honor and pleasure to welcome you all to this year’s BERMUN conference. In the DC, you as delegates, will be discussing the issues at hand of chemical weapons and of artificial intelligence. Both of these topics are extremely current and pose an immediate threat to

Sophia Raucci
Co-Chair DC

Honorable Delegates of the Disarmament Committee, It is with great joy that I welcome you to BERMUN XXVII. Even though I only joined the MUN program in 2017, having attended two conferences as a delegate, I have received an incredibly interesting view into the MUN world which I now am excited to be a part of as a chair. I hope to Read More...