Conference Dates and Invitation

The dates for the 2019 BERMUN Conference are November 20-23.

Invitation letters will be sent out at the beginning of April. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send a request to


Thanks to the generous donations of participants, BERMUN 2018 raised €705.70 for the Collateral Repair Project - Helping Urban Refugees in Jordan Thank you delegates and directors for your support!

Directors Email NOVEMBER

The Directors Email for NOVEMBER has been sent out. Please check your inbox and read the entire email carefully. We realize that it contains a lot of details but we want to make sure you have all the information you need to plan your trip to Berlin and to prepare your students.

Form II confirmations

All schools have received the confirmations for Form II. We ask that Directors check all the information carefully to ensure all details including names and committees are correct! The Directors Email for October has also been sent out. If you have any questions, please contact us or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

BERMUN 2018 Hoodies

This year's BERMUN hoodies have the following designs and colors. Regular BERMUN hoodies come in moss green and violet. BERMUN print in front. Special Edition: plum with logo print in front and 2018 embroidery on the sleeves. Hoodies can be pre-ordered at a discounted cost (€20 for regular hoodies, €30 for special edition). Pre-orders must be submitted by the directors on Form II. Checking the box on Form II means the student/director is purchasing one of the hoodies and payments will need to be made in advance (with your school’s conference fees). Hoodies will also be available for purchase at the conference for the regular price (regular hoodie: €25 and special edition: €30)- only while supplies last. Please note that the font on these pictures is slightly different from the actual hoodies. The pictures are only color samples. 

YA Applicants have been notified

All applicants to the Youth Assembly have been notified via email. Directors: Please check your Form II. Accepted students should appear in your list. Please remember to double check their names, add personal information as you do for your other students, and select hoodie pre-orders, housing, etc., if applicable.

Committee Information

Committee topics and Student Officer introductions can be found on our website using the link ORGANS on the top. Research reports will be available this summer!

YA application closed

We are no longer accepting applications for the Youth Assembly. All applicants will be notified by June 16.

Form II

All directors have received login information and password to access Form II. Non-delegates should appear in Form II automatically if they have been accepted (ICJ, StOff and Press with YA participants to follow after the deadline). Please contact us immediately if you did not receive the login information or if you have any questions.

YA Application deadline extended!

Take a Stand – Act now – Shape the Future. Join the YOUTH ASSEMBLY 2018!

This year’s Youth Assembly theme “Strengthening Engagement in Civil Society through Continuous Cooperation and Grassroot Activism” focuses on social, economic and political aspects. 

As you might know, the Youth Assembly is a special committee within the BERMUN family. Our delegates do not participate in (MUN) role-playing but rather represent themselves and their own opinions. Participants do not write resolutions, but create and develop action plans which in turn initiate real projects.

Instead of taking on global or national perspectives, the YA will focus on the local approach where we hope to start interesting and long lasting projects. We want participants to consider their immediate environment, such as their home, school, and neighborhood, and suggest realistic and in their opinion effective improvements since they know their surroundings best and we believe that great changes start with individuals on the local level.

We would like to bring the Youth Assembly to your attention one more time as the application deadline has been extended to Friday, June 8th. If you have any students in your group that are interested in the topic, who are either already involved in the existing civil society at school or wish to begin their involvement in this environment, and match the requirements listed below, please have them apply using the link at the bottom of this email.

The Youth Assembly is a unique committee of international students representing highly motivated, critical, open minded and creative individuals from around the world. We are committed to discussing critical and global challenges, and to finding solutions together. The multicultural character of this assembly ensures a wide range of opinions, perspectives, and experiences, and a unique learning environment that produces a multitude of distinguished solutions.

The BERMUN Youth Assembly strives to:

This year the YA will continue to focus on developing projects in the participants’ respective communities. Our delegates will incorporate their personal views and unique ideas into student initiatives to raise awareness and make a difference in their community. The 2018 Youth Assembly asks its representatives to engage in an open and critical dialogue with each other and to strive towards shaping a more politically engaged and educated future generation. Reaching the goal of good local governance and the creation of a strong activism scene requires fundamental changes in attitude and behavior. This calls for broad discussion and effective action. Let’s start now!

This year’s opening ceremony of the YA is scheduled to take place at an embassy in downtown Berlin on Wednesday, November 14.

On this first day of the conference, YA participants will begin by sharing country presentations and introducing initiatives of their choice operating in their cities and neighborhoods. Over the course of the conference, participants will develop action plans and have the chance to hear several well informed guest speakers, participate in discussions and possibly view a relevant film which will contribute fresh ideas and input.

The ideal YA participant is open to critical discussions, is highly engaged, open-minded, interested in activism and international cooperation, and willing to initiate local projects. By engaging in discussions with like-minded youth, participants will undergo a process in which they challenge, reflect on and develop new ideas of thinking and living. We look forward to receiving your application.

Some of this information can also be found on our website including the link to the application.

For further information please contact the Youth Assembly Directors via email at