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BERMUN has a long tradition at the John F. Kennedy School. Founded in 1992 by two students, Lars Day and Stefan Elbe, with the intention of bringing East and West together, BERMUN has grown from a one day simulation with 30 participants to a three day international Model UN conference with more than 700 participants. The young founders recognized that Berlin was particularly well suited to serve as a bridge between the formerly divided city, country and continent. To this day, BERMUN continues to bring students from all over the world together to simulate the United Nations as delegates from nations with which they might not be familiar.

Every year, one banner theme is selected for the conference. The organs represented at BERMUN include the General Assembly, comprising members of the Political, Environment, Disarmament, and Human Rights committees. In addition to the MUN simulation, BERMUN hosts an annual Youth Assembly offering participants the opportunity to voice the concerns of youth on a designated issue and to initiate local projects. Every year, the BERMUN conference also includes both a Security Council and a Historical Security Council.

For students, or delegates, BERMUN means engaging in political procedures and experiencing the exciting – at times frustrating – and complex nature of political issues, problems, and debates. Non-native speakers have the opportunity to improve their language skills in a professional yet friendly and inviting atmosphere. The international composition of BERMUN embraces cultural diversity and understanding, while facilitating academic advancement for all participants.