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Directors Email June/July

June 11th, 2017

The Directors Email for June/July has been sent out. Please make sure you read it carefully as it contains important information and deadlines!

Housing Update

June 11th, 2017

We have created a short list of accommodations to help you get started if you are looking for housing options in Berlin during the conference. We recommend you book early, as hostels tend to fill up early!

Form II is now open!

June 3rd, 2017

Form II is now open – login and password information has been sent to all Directors.
The deadline for submitting Form II is October 1, 2017.

YA, ICJ, Press Notifications

June 3rd, 2017

All applicants for the YA, ICJ and Press Team have been notified!

School notifications

May 7th, 2017

All schools have been notified with acceptance or rejection letters. Accepted schools are now able to apply for positions for the Youth Assembly, the ICJ and the Press Team. Check out our website for more details on the Youth Assembly and the International Court of Justice.

Form I is now closed

April 29th, 2017

Thank you for your interest in BERMUN. Form I is now closed and we have received more applications than we can accommodate. All applicants will be notified by next week.

Registration Deadline April 28

April 26th, 2017

Just a reminder that the deadline for registering with Form I is April 28!

We are unable to accept applications after the deadline.

Invitation to register

April 5th, 2017

Dear MUN Directors,

We cordially invite you to apply to the 26th anniversary of the Berlin Model United Nations Conference held from November 15th to November 18th at the John F. Kennedy School.

BERMUN 2017 will focus on the social, political, and economic advancement of women, a theme deeply intertwined with the UN’s core mission. It falls within the very first words of the Charter. Today, the standards of life and equality that the UN promotes as part of its 2030 Agenda are impossible without dramatic improvement to the subpar conditions under which millions of women and girls live. Likewise, the inclusion of women in the world economy and civil society means progress for all, and the realization of human rights continues to hinge on the promotion of women’s rights. For these reasons, the BERMUN XXVI Secretariat has selected the banner theme of “Women’s Empowerment: The Key to Good Governance and Socio-Economic Prosperity.”

If your school is interested in participating, please register by completing Form I on our website ( You will find more details regarding deadlines and registration fees on our website under ‘Registration Details.’

Please note that our school facilities do not allow us to accept more than 650 participants, therefore, by submitting this Form I, your participation at this conference is not automatically guaranteed. 

You will be notified via email by May 7th whether your school has been accepted to participate in the 2017 BERMUN Conference.

The application form for student officers is available through the BERMUN secretariat. If you would like to recommend a student for such a position, please contact us via email at to receive further instructions on how to submit the application.

The deadline for submitting Form I and Student Officer Applications is set for April 28th.

Interested students can apply for the Youth Assembly, International Court of Justice and ‘BERMUN Times’ Press Team on our website beginning on May 7th.

If you do not wish to receive any further communication from BERMUN, please briefly notify us to this effect.

Best regards,

BERMUN Directors and the Secretariat


Save the Date!

March 5th, 2017

2017 BERMUN is scheduled to take place November 15-18, 2017. We are in the process of selecting our conference theme and committee topics and the invitation letter will be sent out in April. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send us an email at bermun @

The Uncondemned

October 11th, 2016

[sg_popup id=1]

During the conference on Thursday evening, BERMUN will host a special screening of the movie “The Uncondemned” by Film at Eleven Media, co-directed by Michele Mitchell and Nick Louvel. “The Uncondemned” tells the gripping and world-changing story of a group of young international lawyers and activists who fought to make rape a crime of war, and the Rwandan women who came forward to testify and win justice where there had been none. Up until this point, rape had not been prosecuted as a war crime and was committed with impunity. A courtroom thriller and personal human drama, “The Uncondemned” beautifully interweaves the stories of the characters in this odyssey, leading to the trial at an international criminal court–and the results that changed the world of criminal justice forever.
After the screening, we will welcome co-director Michele Mitchell for a panel discussion. All BERMUN participants are invited to attend this event, however, due to limited space, reservations must be made by October 1, 2016 using this form. Tickets are €3 per person. All attendees are invited to a short reception before the screening.

BERMUN Prep Weekend

August 29th, 2016

Strodehne 2016

Student Officers and Directors met this last weekend outside of Berlin to prepare and plan for BERMUN 2016. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and team building activities, as well as the productive work and training sessions!

BERMUN Hoodies

August 29th, 2016

This year’s BERMUN Hoodies have the following designs and colors (white, burgundy and black).

2016 Hoodies

Hoodies can be pre-ordered at a discounted cost (€22).

Pre-orders must be submitted by the directors on Form II. Checking the box on Form II means the student/director is purchasing one of the sweaters and payments will need to be made in advance (with your school’s conference fees) by October 15.

Hoodies will also be available for purchase at the conference for the regular price (€26)- only while supplies last.

Please note that the font on these pictures is slightly different from the actual hoodies. The pictures are only color samples. 

Committee Topics

June 2nd, 2016

Click on the link in the menu called ‘Committees & Councils‘ for committee topics and introductions from our Student Officers!


May 30th, 2016

All applicants for the YA, ICJ and Press have been notified.
Login and password information for Form II has been sent to all Directors.

Applications closed

May 24th, 2016

Applications for ICJ, YA and the Press Team are now closed! All applicants will be notified by Sunday, May 29.

Applications for YA, ICJ and Press

May 5th, 2016

We are now accepting applications for the Youth Assembly (YA), the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the Press Team. Interested students must complete the applications using the links on the website (under 2016 conference). Please note that applications are only considered complete when a letter of recommendation is also submitted by the MUN director (via email). See applications for more details.

All applications and recommendation letters must be received by May 22.


May 4th, 2016

Dear potential Judges and Advocates,

We cordially invite you to apply to this year’s BERMUN ICJ.
We are excited to announce that at this year’s court we will depart significantly from our predecessors; we will bring ourselves closer to the rest of the conference and, in the process, provide ourselves with an exciting experience. We will discuss the historical case of South West Africa on May 20 1961, a case of great relevance to the theme of the conference, “Ending Human Suffering– Reassessing the United Nations’ Role in the globalized world”.

The case, which calls into question Ethiopia’s assertion that South Africa’s actions in South West Africa (present day Namibia) violated the League of Nations Mandate on South West Africa, which expired in 1941 following the dissolution of the League of Nations, is divided into two phases: South Africa’s preliminary objections to the jurisdiction of the court, which were rejected by the court in 1962, and the actual proceedings, which were ruled upon in 1966. This court will circumvent the preliminary objections and proceed directly to the actual proceedings. Furthermore, though this case was brought against South Africa in conjunction by Ethiopia and Liberia, this court will only discuss Ethiopia v. South Africa.

Judges, this case ranks among the most controversial in the history of the court. Both parties received an equal number of votes from the Judges and the case failed solely due to the President’s casting vote. We will revisit one of the most notorious practises of the 20th century, Apartheid, and balance the timeless struggle between morality and legality, the two governing forces of our society, ultimately deciding whether the court made the right decision back in 1966. We are incredibly excited for the adventure.

Advocates, you will be faced with an extremely demanding task. You are the backbone. You will have to put the case into legal and historical context; you will have to understand the profoundly different character of the court and international law at the time as well as the inherently different fabric of the world in the post-league environment to build your case. Though challenging, through your hard work and determination, the case promises to expand your horizons and provide you with the unique opportunity to test your abilities in one of the most intense, competitive courts that has ever existed. It promises to be an enriching experience.

Advocates, please also remember to apply as partners; you must submit one application each and, in the written statement, specify your partner and explain why you believe you will work well together.
We look forward to reading your applications and meeting you in Berlin!

All the best,

Jade Mouton – President

Sahib Bhasin – Assistant President

Jonas Thiergart – Registrar

Registration is closed!

May 3rd, 2016

Registration is now closed. All applicants have been notified.
Students who have applied for Student Officer positions will be sent notifications via email this week.

Letter of Invitation

April 13th, 2016

Dear MUN Directors,

We cordially invite you to apply to the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Model United Nations Conference held from November 16th  to November 19th at the John F. Kennedy School Berlin.

BERMUN 2016 will focus on the global community’s responsibility to support the masses of men, women and children caught in the seemingly endless cycle of man-made and natural disasters. Since the dawn of time, humans have been confronting famine, rampant epidemics, wars, and environmental disasters, and their response has remained the same. Sedentary by nature, when confronted by such relentless misfortune, the most adventurous and most desolate set out in search of security for themselves and their loved ones. Migration is therefore not new, but the rapid course of globalization we have experienced over the past decades coupled with advances in social media have made us glaringly aware of the dimensions of the phenomenon and the human suffering entailed in the decision to embark on an indeterminate journey.

Traditional and social media report daily on the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers arriving on European shores. Such reports have had a great impact on many people, and numerous humanitarian aid projects have been initiated by European governments, local agencies, concerned citizens and NGOs. At the same time, we cannot overlook that the responses of the comparably wealthy societies are woefully inadequate to meet the newcomers’ basic needs and to ensure their human dignity. Moreover, the influx of refugees has also awakened latent racism and xenophobia. Several governments, driven by nationalist populists calling for stringent measures to reintroduce “secure” national borders, preserve the “nation’s traditional way of life” and “maintain the status quo” thus jeopardize the values defined in the Charter of United Nations Charter signed on 26 June 1945.

With one out of seven people being displaced worldwide, the so-called “refugee problem in Europe” has global dimensions and is only the tip of the iceberg. Without an answer from the global community and especially its most important caretaker, the United Nations, international peace and security as well as internal social–political stability of member states will be seriously threatened. Human kindness is not enough. It is not only the immediate suffering resulting from being uprooted and displaced that must be tackled. The United Nations and all member states must review and alleviate as effectively as possible the causes of displacement. Government leaders must rise above populist agitators and calls for “national exclusivity” by bearing in mind the values their predecessors committed themselves to when the General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December 1948. In order to avoid the breakdown of the global security systems as we know them today, all member states of the United Nations are called upon to end human suffering.

By selecting Ending Human Suffering: Reassessing the United Nations’ Role in a Globalized World, the 2016 BERMUN secretariat wishes to encourage all participants to recognize the dimensions and causes of human suffering in today’s world and to explore viable approaches to alleviating this scourge.

From our perspective, resolutions by member states will not suffice; a renewed pact of solidarity unwaveringly endorsed by today’s global citizenry is desperately needed. We therefore call upon the delegates to ponder the role their assigned countries and peoples could and should play in this process. The small steps taken at BERMUN 2016 could be the basis for a more humane and secure world tomorrow. The United Nations has made great advances in these areas since 1945, but only through critical reassessment of its role and the renewal of its original premises can the challenges of tomorrow be effectively met.

If your school is interested in participating, please register by completing Form I on our website (

Please note that due to increases in rent and transportation costs for the closing ceremony, we must raise the participation fees for delegates and teachers by €10 to €70 per person. We hope to be back to previous terms in 2017. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that our school facilities do not allow us to accept more than 650 participants, therefore, by submitting this Form I, your participation at this conference is not automatically guaranteed. 

You will be notified via email by May 4th whether your school has been accepted to participate in the 2016 BERMUN Conference

The application form for student officers is available through the BERMUN secretariat. If you would like to recommend a student for such a position, please contact us via email at

The deadline for submitting Form I and Student Officer Applications is set for April 29th.

Interested students can apply for the Youth Assembly, International Court of Justice and ‘BERMUN Times’ Press Team on our website beginning on May 4th.

Best regards,

Karin Hövermann, William Robertson, Dr. Walter Peterson, Jason Lang
BERMUN Directors